Integratore alimentare specifico per api, con amminoacidi, vitamine, omega3 e omega6.


Bees, like all insects, are not able to react in short time to the environmental changes that man has imposed on the environment. Climatic conditions due to the greenhouse effect, decrease of the green areas with consequent reduction of the nectarifere and polliniferous resources, pesticides, fungicides, etc.

Therefore it is very helpful to have a specific feeding support able to compensate nutritional deficiencies especially at certain times of the year.

SprintTBee® is a food studied with a scientific approach able to supply energy sources based on amino acids and vitamins to which the important antioxidant action of OMEGA3 and Omega6 is added.

Sprinttbee® contributes in a balanced way to provide the bees with those elements already present in the pollen, and is able to sustain them in crucial moments when these elements are needed.
In fact the opportune time to administer Sprintbee ® is spring as soon as the bees begin the first imports of pollen and at the end of summer early autumn.

Sprinttbee® is an excellent combination in conjunction with Probee ® as Sprinttbee ® provides an important balanced energy contribution by nourishing families in a complete way, while Probee ® helps the bees to keep themselves healthy and strong with the help of microorganisms Probiotics.

Sprinttbee® and Probee ® have been formulated after thorough research studies by Chriva SRL Laboratories.