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Q. How many times during the year is it reccomended to use and in which period?

A. 3-4 treatment once in a mounth between April and September it's enough.




Q. Is it possible to administer Probee® mixed with the fondant or with the feeding syrup?

A. Yes, it is possible. However be sure that within a short period the syrup or fondant administered to bees is totally exhausted.




Q. Is it allowed in organic farming?

A. The product is made from natural constituents, such as microorganisms. Such probiotic microorganisms are harmless to animals, humans and the environment, they are not genetically modified, and can be found easily in the wild, for example. on flowers, soil, plants.




Q. I have a doubt with regard to the application. If you spray 200-250 ml of diluted product into the beehive, as per your technical details, it is inevitable even wet the significantly bees (and this I fear it is not healthy for the family ...) .
 Is it better to distribute it more concentrated?

A. Indeed we must not give 200-250 ml of product on a hive. The bottle of 250 ml should be diluted 10 times in water and 3% sugar, after which the product should be administered for each hive in a quantity between 50-100ml.




Q. Can it be dangerous used in excessive amounts?

A. No. It can be used with confidence.




Q. Is it good to treat Varroa?

A. Probee is not an acaricide. However, the damage caused by the varroa are very low, as it prevents the stress factors caused.