Who we are.

Since 1998 Dr. Stefano Trovò, Biologist specialist in Chemical and Food Technology, has developed a great experience in the agro-food sector and from his work experience was established in 2004 CHRI.VA. srl., a company specializing in microbiological and chemical analyzes.
CHRI.VA. later, through a research work carried out in its laboratories, has also developed the engineering and production of microorganisms useful to the environment, in Environmental Biological Applications (Bioremediation), in organic farming and beekeeping.
The manufactured products are constituted by a concentrate of microorganisms and their metabolites in physiological solution or lyophilized, able to act in a positive way in many areas.
The added value of our products, follows a simple rule, which is to respond to the problem, through tailored solutions which respond to different problems both in type, that scope.


Currently we are a team of passionate beekeepers and biologists guided by dr. Stefano Trovò. We were wondering how to reinforce the immun system of our bees and with this target we developed, and are still studying about it, specific products for this wonderful insect. Our main purpose is to use natural organic elements with the lowest environmental impact as possible.